Standard Engagements

Contact us to discuss how we can help you bring your product ideas to life.


For Emerging Ideas

In approximately 5 weeks, UXL will:

Base Price:


  • Work with stakeholders to scope the opportunity and identify target users to inform study design.

  • Interview representative users to gain a deep understanding of their goals, behaviors, and needs.

  • Rigorously synthesize research data to surface key findings.

  • Collaboratively articulate the product solutions that will meet user needs.

Have you identified an unmet need but aren’t sure what solution would successfully solve for it?

Applying the power of user research and our expertise in complex industries, UXL will help you dive deep into the opportunity at hand and how your customers think. We will guide you in uncovering the right ideas for development into a scalable, future-ready solution.


For Emerging Ideas

In approximately 7 weeks, UXL will:

Base Price:


  • Collaborate with stakeholders in a co-design workshop to define core value and underlying user journey.

  • Design a clickable prototype that showcases the solution’s value proposition.

  • Conduct user testing and rigorously synthesize research data to surface key findings.

  • Deliver screen-by-screen recommendations and updated comps informed by user insights.

Have a great product concept but aren’t sure how to get on the right design path? 
UXL can rapidly help you turn your promising idea into a compelling product prototype with a clear value proposition validated with target customers before you invest in a full-scale development effort.


Custom Built for You

UXL works with Specialists in the following fields:

Base Price:

$125/hr and up

  • Design: Conceptual Design, UX/UI Design, Visual Design, etc...

  • Research: User Research, Qual/Quant Research, Market Research, etc...

  • Product: Business Analysts & Product Managers

  • Development: Front-End Specialists upon request

UXL Specializes in running custom engagements from small 2-week tactical design fixes to year-long staff augmentation. We view this as a partnership, not as 


For Existing Digital Products That Need A Lot of Love

In approximately 3 weeks, UXL will:

Base Price:


  • Quickly learn about your business, industry, clients, and target audience.

  • Facilitate a clearly articulated product mission.

  • Share findings about your product’s users—their goals, needs, and challenges—as they interact with your product.

  • Define the prioritized user-centered workflows that comprise your product.

  • Co-design the evolution of your most important product features.

  • Refine our collaborative explorations into illustrated concepts and recommendations for implementation.

Do you have an existing product in need of redirection, transformation, or a stronger user experience foundation to prepare for its future evolution?

Using research and collaborative design methods, UXL will help you clarify your product mission and hone in on priorities to deliver the most meaningful user experience. UXL will then refine and enhance the design framework for your product.


For Existing Digital Products That Need a Little Bit of Love

In approximately 1 weeks, UXL will:

Base Price:


  • Review the usability of your product from the perspective of top priority scenarios for target users.

  • Highlight areas for usability improvements.

  • Facilitate a co-design session to articulate potential solutions.

  • Provide final documentation of issues and recommended solutions.

Do you have a good product that has the potential to provide even greater value to your target users?

Using proven UX heuristic evaluation methods, UXL will review your product to surface areas of improvement and opportunities for enhancements. We will give you actionable insights to create highly usable, satisfying user experiences.

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