Archway Health
Improving Patient Care While Lowering Costs
Patient Tracking, Analytics, & Program Management System
Archway Health’s Carelink platform is built on a model that gives healthcare providers greater control over the care of patients throughout their treatment and recovery, helping them get better quickly and safely while also improving the bottom line.

Archway partnered with UXL to align the quality of design and usability with the proven value of their tools vs. competing platforms.

UXL helped Archway evolve their tools by distilling complex data into clear insights that staff responsible for patient care and business success can use, including patient status and changes, who and what needs attention, and how the program is doing operationally and financially on key measures.

UXL’s significant design and usability improvements in a series of dashboards and detail views made the real power of the platform’s features accessible, helping Archway deliver more effective solutions to customers, gain new and larger customers, and expand interest among investors.  

Process: User Research | User Experience Design | Data Visualizations | Visual Design

Real-time Patient & Operations Tracking


UXL unified data from diverse underlying sources into a real-time, at-a-glance view of the status of patients and business operations across facilities in dashboard, list, and detail views.


Healthcare providers can readily see where patients are and how they are doing, gauge the timeliness of updates from nursing staff, assess program performance with indicators such as length of stay and use of services, track costs vs. budget, and quickly prioritize next steps.


The dashboard view telegraphs important information and necessary actions, which is especially useful with larger sets of patient data.

The list view is the go-to workhorse to search, filter, and parse for snapshots of specific groups or individual patients.

The detail view of an individual patient visualizes the actual vs. estimated length of stay and use of services, revealing the risk associated with any difference. 

Financials & Operations Dashboard


UXL designed a dashboard that transparently surfaces key financial and operational metrics from disparate underlying data so organization managers have a robust picture of costs, earnings, forecasts, and program efficiencies without the need to construct time-consuming queries.

Process Optimization Dashboard


UXL designed a dashboard that visualizes program success in terms of a proprietary model for patient care so clinical and program staff can use metrics to inform and improve process, answering questions such as “How are we doing?” and “Are we taking all necessary steps?”

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