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Trading Worksheet
This leading wealth management firm’s platform gives its financial advisors the ability to create model portfolios with customized sector and asset class allocations.

The firm engaged UXL to design a tool that would enable financial advisors to align their client portfolios with their models across discretionary accounts independent of the program type.

UXL distilled the complexity of diverse trading scenarios into a robust, flexible worksheet that equips financial advisors with a suite of efficient calculation and order-generation tools to rebalance their client portfolios.

The trading worksheet helps financial advisors move more precisely through any trading scenario, from individual trades to complex trading combinations.

Process: User Experience Design | Visual Design

UXL designed a trading worksheet that surfaces outliers in a client’s portfolio against a model to give financial advisors a comprehensive but easy-to-read view of adjustments necessary to rebalance accounts.

We created a menu of the full suite of calculation settings to enable financial advisors to apply specific rebalancing rules to the worksheet. Once applied, the worksheet updates with trade values for applicable securities and the data take center stage. Financial advisors can further refine individual rows, or return to the calculations menu to make global changes.

We addressed the challenge of many securities across many client accounts with simple controls that let financial advisors toggle to view the data by accounts or by security without losing any data or adjustments. Informational messages communicate error conditions, and an auto-adjust feature corrects errors while still permitting manual refinements.

UXL’s design supports specific security-level calculations such as this form for setting up a swap…

…or trading a holding to a specific percent of the whole portfolio, all through consistent, intuitive interfaces that make completing the constellation of tasks as fluid as possible.

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