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When this international financial services company mapped out a plan to modernize its fixed income trading technology, the goal was to engineer a user interface that would provide a simple workflow for new and infrequent users while supporting the more complex tasks of longtime traders.

The company looked to UXL to design interfaces and interactions that would attract and retain portfolio managers, help traders harness essential features, and go beyond the standard UI components of the new front-end technology.

UXL’s design succeeds by highlighting the task at hand, clarifying the presentation of data without sacrificing detail, offering customization with smart presets, providing a powerful search and task launcher, and surfacing essential order alerts. We designed a system that is informed by an understanding of its users, guiding portfolio managers and empowering seasoned traders to do their best work.

Process: Heuristic Evaluation | User Experience Design | Visual Design

UXL designed a default workspace that supports the needs of most portfolio managers while also providing a framework for seasoned traders.

The result is a highly customizable system that still maintains a clear information hierarchy/relationship among components.

Recognizing the central role of search as the starting point for many tasks, we designed a prominent search field combined with a task launcher. Results, related data, and available actions such as opening a trade ticket display instantly as the user types. This feature also offers keyboard shortcuts and the ability to add a list of securities to a watchlist or RFQ with a quick paste into the search box.

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