Leading Wealth Management Firm
Elevating the Goals-based Investing Conversation
Collaborative Financial Planning Tool
This wealth management firm wanted to enable their financial advisors to have more meaningful planning conversations with their clients.
UXL worked closely with business and technology teams to understand the workflow and data that would elevate the conversation from risk tolerance, asset allocation, and transactions to a holistic view of finances based on goals.

We designed a mobile-friendly, collaborative addition to the financial advisor platform. The tactile look and feel encourages clients side-by-side with their financial advisors to change assumptions and see results visually in real-time. In the process, they reach an informed understanding of how their goals and risk tolerance need to align as they choose the best investment model for their needs.
UXL’s investing tool helped financial advisors move beyond required account paperwork to actionable planning discussions structured around what is most important to clients.

Process: User Experience Design | Data Visualizations | Visual Design

Financial advisors begin the conversation by defining client goals such as college savings and retirement, linking associated internal and external accounts, and testing scenarios by dynamically adjusting key datapoints to assess impact on financial targets. In this example, variables can be adjusted to represent client needs.

Once client goals are captured, the Strategy tab highlights the changes necessary to achieve those goals.

Financial advisors can readily manipulate data in real time, using data visualizations to compare a proposed approach to the current portfolio under a range of market conditions.

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