Integrating User Insights into Agile Development
Healthcare Provider Selection Tools

Process: Heuristic Evaluation | User Research | Usability Testing

Vitals’ digital tools—VitalsChoice and Vitals SmartShopper—reduce costs for health insurers by helping their members choose the right healthcare providers.

Vitals partnered with UXL to incorporate user-centered insights into the iterative Agile development process through heuristic evaluations, generative research, participatory design sessions, and usability testing.

UXL evaluated key workflows on the VitalsChoice platform across a set of metrics to surface usability issues, which we captured in an affinity diagram...

...and quantified by function. This informed how to prioritize efforts for the year ahead in the product roadmap.

Our researchers efficiently collected user insights through methods such as user interviews, participatory design sessions, and both moderated and unmoderated usability testing.

In this moderated usability test, a representative user works through structured tasks as our researcher facilitates and observes.

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