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Risk Management Dashboard

As part of the management tools for an investment bank, our team was asked to design new functionality to help managers assess risk across various metrics. Our main challenge was to provide an intuitive way for users to quickly process the information presented, while adhering to conventions already defined the a somewhat dated UI. While we maintained the traditional navigation experience of the existing system, we did introduce compelling visualizations meant at improving the parsing of information and helping users focus on outliers quickly.

Trends in key areas are highlighted in visualizations: because 'none' is the most positive state, we incorporated and small visual when there were no complaints or other metrics for a given period.

Visualizations incorporated into data table: for each of the FAs listed, we included a stacked bar chart to indicate a total number of alerts via the total height of the bar, plus the breakdown for each type, indicated via color.

A series of small line graphs illustrate trends vs national averages: at a glance, the user can see how the complex is performing relative to the firm, across several metrics.

We created visualizations with multiple parameters where combining them could provide additional insight. For example the number of trading errors are graphed alongside the dollar value of errors per month, which reflect many small errors as a systemic problem versus a handful of outliers / unusual circumstances.

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