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Personal Wealth Planning Tool

Our client asked for our help creating an online-only option for financial planning. We created concept designs for a streamlined set of inputs resulting in meaningful automatically-generated recommendations. One challenge we looked to address was offering a broad set of controls for adjusting inputs, without overwhelming the casual user.

We designed an approachable, responsive 'Goals' page where users could check on each of their goals.

The firm had a clear perspective on which plans most clients might – or should – have, and we included these with an invitation to start each one. The design reflected the linear path expected by the firm, while allowing users to explore in any sequence.

Though data from users was needed for the calculation engine, we wanted to keep users flowing on to the value proposition. We worked with the business to minimize the number of inputs needed to get started – even including a quick way to add default values, for those who wanted to check out the benefits before providing any personal info.

We provided a simple visualization to give a sense of progress to the user without being overly precise at this stage. Suggestions 'bubble' in on the side of the screen to provide guidance and context. While we again kept required inputs to a minimum, the design here also offers links to more detailed worksheets for those interested.

With basic data collected, the user now sees actual recommendations in visualizations and minimal text. We worked to reflect reality in this design, including social security and actual firm models, while keeping the page light and the data easy to absorb.

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