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Portfolio Construction Tool

Our client asked us to design an interface for use by Financial Advisors in applying an asset allocation tailored to a client's goal (retirement, for example) across a portfolio of multiple accounts. The Advisor would customize the allocation for each account, since each account might be set up for a different purposes, but would want to ensure the portfolio as a whole met the target. In addition, we explored controls to move money between accounts, and change other specifics of existing accounts, or open new accounts. We worked to include light instructions and explanations to gently guide Advisors, without restricting their ability to adjust and explore, given that the allocation process could become quite complex at times.

We designed large horizontal stacked bar charts at the top to compare the strategy to the existing allocation, followed by smaller bar charts for each account illustrate both the size of the account and its allocation. This approach provided a visual context for everything, in a consistent visual language. In-line controls for changing account parameters allow the Advisor to make changes while reviewing.

We added highlights that appear on edited values as the Advisor makes changes, and designed the page to be interactive so that the bars come into alignment as the Advisors adjust accounts and other parameters.

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